Dream Log

Over the years I have had some lucid dreams, ridiculous dreams, and downright terrifying dreams. Here I want to share my dream log. This log is specifically designated for Precognitive dreams. However, I don’t know they are precog until it actually happens… so some will just be floating there until they come true or they may never come true.

I’ve started with the ones I can remember coming true… I know there are more, but they must not have been important enough because I can’t seem to remember them.

I have been having a lot recently, and I have a feeling it is because of some herbs I’ve been taking before bed, but not completely sure as one of them happened while not taking the herb. (Valerian)

I wish I knew how to make this into a page that I can update, but I will just upload the file for now. If anyone has experienced this or knows anything about it, I’d be glad to hear about it.

Dream Log

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First Sprouts!

The arugula seeds only took about 2-3 days to start sprouting. That seems pretty fast. They rest are slowly starting to show. Chickweed, Dandelion, squash and chamomile are peeking out. I’m shocked at how tall the arugula is only on the 4th day!

Some of the dirt is clinging on to the poor leaf. It’s kinda sad.

The first vegetable planted in the large garden space was red onion! In a pretty little row.

Today, we picked up a few more barrels to complete the herb garden! I figured that half of my herbs are considered “weeds”, so they should probably be quarantined in barrels to avoid wreaking havoc on the entire backyard like rabid hyenas.

We have a total of six barrels now. The compost is coming along nicely. I think I will make some compost tea to sprinkle into the barrels and over the large garden. For the sake of keeping it interesting, let’s refer to the indoor seedling containers as the “research vessel”, the barrels as “Scout Ships” and the large garden as “The Enterprise”

God I’m a nerd.

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Black Jesus

Black Jesus has been together for almost two years (i believe?). I don’t think we had any idea what would form from the mutual group of friends that gathered back then. There has always been seven of us, but we are somehow still growing larger musically. Things are starting to fit into place and we are settling into a style and understanding that at times can be an adrenaline rush.

We are almost finished mixing our first full-length album at Capitol Records, and we are releasing a 7-inch for as a single of our song “Big Broom”, which will also have a track on the back. JAXART Records will be helping us release, which we are extremely grateful for. You can also help us pay for expenses by pre-ordering the album on kickstarter.com

This is the link to go to: http://kck.st/gEMruf

Black Jesus Debut Album Coming Soon from Black Jesus on Vimeo.

A few people from a reputable indie Record Label in Brooklyn are flying out to see us play at The Smell in Los Angeles. They may be interested in taking us under their wing! I couldn’t be more excited :]

To add us on facebook and view upcoming shows as well as listen to a few tracks, visit http://www.facebook.com/blackjesusband

To find our songs and show dates look to the left under the picture and click “BandPage”.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us not only through Kickstarter, but through spending time to come to our shows!

I’ll leave you with our single, “Big Broom”

Big Broom


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I’ve been making a few of these monster dolls. They also happen to be vegetarians. I’ve stuffed a few and also put some behind glass in a frame. Here’s a married couple:

Mr & Mrs

I think they are adorable, and I can’t stop making them!

One of the main products so far that will be up for sale on feefifoe (our etsy store) are these purses we’ve painted on. Wendy has done quite a few of them, while I’ve done two. Some of hers are very intricate and some more simple and eloquent. This is my Octopurse:


Garden Update:

The compost is heating up nicely, I keep throwing in our kitchen scraps.
My brother spent all day digging up the dirt and adding nice soil :]

This doesn’t have anything to do with my garden, but I think it’s a pretty funny story. So… today is Dani’s birthday. She is awesome. She deserves a trash bag full of dandelions because she has dreamed about making Dandelion wine.

On my way home from my second job interview, I saw a crapload of dandelions on the hillside by my house. I trekked out with a large garbage bag and garden shears. Everything was so beautiful and it was such a nice day out. I started snipping away and throwing buds into the bag. I always seem so happy-go-lucky until my ignorance disintegrates and I realize there are millions of bugs within one square foot of me. Particularly spiders.

I hate spiders.

I think I started hyperventilating, yet snipped even faster… determined to get at least a half bag of dandelions because it takes a huuuuge amount to make the wine. I think I was even saying “Spiders are nice. Spiders are good.” aloud while snipping. I think they could sense when I calmed down because sure enough, once my ignorance had settled back in and I was just frolicking in a field of fresh flowers, those sneaky things start creeping out again. I don’t even want to think about it anymore… moving on with the story.

So I get back in my car and head home. I look in my book of flowers, and you would think I would know what a dandelion looks like… but no. I don’t. Not only are these flowers not the right kind, they are useless. Completely useless. Now I just feel guilty.

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Etsy Workshop

Today I had an interview at Starbucks. I think it went very well. I got a call for a second interview about an hour after I got home from the first one! I really need a reliable source of income while I build my other businesses up.
Once I managed my compost heap (it’s now at 110 degrees!) and got myself some more coffee, I sat down to work. Wendy and I work across from each other at the work station (my parent’s dining room). I really hope we can get a studio one day. To see a few pictures of some of the things we are working on today, visit our official etsy blog at feefifoe.wordpress.com.  We should have some stuff up by tonight.

As far as what I am working on over on my side of the table… I’ve managed to design some earrings that I’d like to keep making (all slightly different and original, of course) I don’t think I will ever feel good about mass producing a single thing, unless it is a jackpot idea. Then again, I can still put a little twist on each. Here’s some earrings in the making. They still need a little work and I need to go buy more supplies!

One earring

Made from feathers, chain, beads, wire and small metal feather charms (which cannot really be observed in the picture)

I may have missed the train regarding feather accessories, but I think they will always be enjoyed by many no matter how out-dated. Just like anything else. I absolutely love these ones, and if anything, I will wear them!

Be sure to check out FeeFiFoe for some wonderful art by Wendy. This piece of luggage she is working on is going to be such a treat!

❤ Bre
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This is where we plan to put the garden!

Today we went out to pick up some hay for composting. My dad stayed home to start bordering the garden with bricks while Mom and I drove all over the city getting lost.

We ended up buying a partial bale that was starting to mold. Perfect for composting. When I got home my dad and I put together a compost tumbler.

What a Beaut

I peeled away at the moldy hay and steam started to rise out of it! It was hot to the touch. So awesome how all of this heat is generated by the breaking down of material. I believe it can even reach up 150 degrees! Upon closer examination I could see weird worms crawling in and out along with these bugs that looked like miniature spiders, tics and fleas… this also marked the moment that I decided to find some gloves to wear.

I piled hay into the tumbler up until my dad pointed out the HUGEST spider in the world just hanging out near where my arm was. What else would seem like a proper response than to bring out the blow torch and make sure it could never emotionally harm me again. (sorry, hippies)

Workin it

I’ve added some carrot pulp from the carrots I juiced earlier, and some cantaloupe rinds… Now I will just keep adding to the compost and wait a few weeks for it to be ready! Next week we will add the rest of the bricks and start working the dirt.


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Let’s Try This Again.

I’ve tried to start blogs many times. I either forget about them or begin to hate the idea of consolidating everything that floats around in my head. Hopefully this time I can slay.

I’ve simultaneously started a joint WordPress Blog with Wendy, my brother’s girlfriend. We have had such a great day putting together our business. Here is a link to our website: feefifoe.wordpress.com.  This is where we will document the creating and making of our own original designs and artwork.

Here I am going to document the crazy (most likely mundane) happenings of my personal life. New hobbies, interests, jobs, epiphanies, etc…

The first epiphany I though I’d write about today is also the most recurring one in my life. Health. Recurring in that I immediately forget all about how magical it feels to know this amazing “secret”, which is actually not a secret at all. I’d like to categorize people’s shameless denial of our earth’s very own resources as “selective thinking.” Therefore,  “selective living”.

I seem to go through this cycle of realizing the importance of the saying “you are what you eat”, then turning around to shove a double double in my face as if the fact that I am blind to what is processing inside of my body means it’s not really happening.

My health monster is rearing it’s ugly (but necessary) head once again. Only this time I find myself more ready and equipped to accept it.

Alongside my desire to be healthy in body and mind, I have also taken an interest in Medical Herbalism. I have started a few books on the subject, and luckily, most of the plants used for medicine are also culinary! This monster is Win-Win.

Today I ordered a various selection of herb seeds for medicinal and nutritional harvesting. Most of them can be eaten, used in teas, infusions, extracts, and tinctures. Not only am I reaping all of the benefits of ingesting what I harvest, gardening is also said to be therapeutic! You seriously can’t go wrong with this hobby.

I’ll put some pictures up of my gardening adventures once I start. First, Compost! yay! nasty, stinky rot! I’ve never been so excited. No, for reals.

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